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___________________________CHILDREN'S BOOKS___________________________

The Let's Explore Children's book series

from the father & son team of Zachary and Michael Malott


Let's Explore Frankenmuth

Let's Explore New York City

Let's Explore Central Park  

Let's Explore Coney Island  

Let's Explore Asbury Park  

Let's Explore Princeton 

Let's Explore Philadelphia  

Let's Explore Atlantic City  

Let's Explore Hollywood

Let's Explore San Francisco

Let's Explore Berkeley

Let's Explore Niles

Let's Explore Rodeo Drive

Let's Explore Boston

Let's Explore the California State Railroad Museum


Let's Explore Cleveland

Let's Explore Chicago


Other children's titles from Zachary Malott

Introducing Andy Warhol, America's Most Famous Artist  NEW

I'm With The Team, by Zachary Malott

My First Rock Concert, by Zachary Malott with Sevendust

The Streetcars of San Francisco, by Zachary Malott & Leia Kaba

Zachary's Potty Training Boats, by Zachary Malott

Children's Books from Daddy


Adventures of Sparky the Subway Car, by Michael Malott

Adventures of Crusty the Crab, by Michael Malott

Adventures of Seymour the Cat, by Michael Malott

Adventures of a Rock & Roll Star, by Michael Malott


___________________________ADULT TITLES___________________________


NEW   Andy Warhol; The Real King of Pop, by Michael Malott    NEW

Coney Island, The Decline & Death of an American Icon, by Michael Malott

"You Got to be Kidding Me" Outrageous Spam Email, by Michael Malott   

Malott Standard Media Contact Directory, by Michael Malott

Malott Standard Retail Bookstore Directory, by Michael Malott

The Dennis Peron Biography, by Michael Malott

Blvd. of Broken Dreams, by Michael Malott

Fashion Window, by Michael Malott

Chinatown, by Michael Malott

TAG; Delivery Truck Graffiti, by Michael Malott

Pride, by Michael Malott

Streetcars, by Michael Malott

Available at Tower Books, Barnes & Noble, Border's, and bookstores around the world



on the cover for moAsbury Park - Central Park - Atlantic City - Coney Island - Princeton - Philadelphiare info or to order


And Now Available



Many new titles in the Let's Explore series have hit bookstores!


Books are distributed in the United States by

NACSCORP and Ingram

distributed to libaries & academic institutions by

Baker & Taylor



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Father & Son Simultaneously Release Andy Warhol Biographies


Dad's book            VS         Zach's book

Whose book will sell more?


"This kid is amazing!".................................... Holly Woodlawn, Andy Warhol actress & Superstar

"Cute, Entertaining" ................................... Taylor Mead, Andy Warhol Actor/Superstar


"This book is not only about Andy, but the whole era which this writer taps so well, it's so well written. 

Out of all the Warhol authors, Michael Malott is at the top of my list.  Anyone interested in Warhol

and that time and era, it's a must read ! !"


                                                                           ........ Holly Woodlawn, Warhol Superstar

First Leg of Book Signing Tour Completed

Zach waking up to start another day on the tour bus somewhere on the highway

Zach and his dad recently completed the northeast leg of the father & son book signing tour.

The two are now making the final arrangements to move to their new home in the New York City area.

More book signing dates are scheduled for the West Coast in late September and early October and there's talk about

dad doing a series of book signings with Andy Warhol Superstar Actress, Holly Woodlawn?



Zach took a few days off in New York City with his dad and Streetcars of San Francisco

co-author Leia (top left photo) and spent an afternoon rowing around in Central Park


We are pleased to officially announce the launch of

The new line of high end fashion and fragrances from Michael Malott

Cinemagraph of Coco Rocha by Jamie Beck


January 4-5, 2014

Institute of Fashion & Technology

New York, NY




We are honored to welcome film legend Holly Woodlawn

to our family.  One of the greatest rewards that came out

of writing the Andy Warhol books was the friendship

we established with Holly over the past months.


Zachary and President Obama

team up for school project


Click on pictures to see each news story


Zachary & Dad get in battle with Chamber of Commerce

over "fair use" of city name



NBC News- Frankenmuth approves use of children's book

Frankenmuth News - Resolution reached in "Lets Explore" book

Saginaw News - Frankenmuth Chamber of Commerce pulls cease & desist




The long awaited






Michael Malott and Comedy Central's, Daniel Tosh chat about

some issues in Los Angeles on a recent episode of Tosh-O

as Zach looks on.


Zachary's books debut in more countries!

Spain through Iguama

South Africa through Loot

Tel Aviv through Probook

Germany through Libri

India through Infibeam

Sweden through Adibris

Japan through Kinokuniya



Q.   Who was the first person to own a copy of

 Zach's "Let's Explore Asbury Park" book

A. Bruce Springsteen

none other than an icon of Asbury Park and

music legend who had his book sent right to his home



Zachary & daddy pledge $50,000.00 for renovation of NYC playgrounds

from sales of upcoming "Let's Explore NYC" book



I liked the train, the Dinky train. The Dinky train is pretty cool,

                                                                                 - Zachary Malott naming his favorite part of Princeton, N. J.

                                                 Daily Princetonian, read that article



Zachary pilots a tugboat

and drives a real streetcar in Philadelphia



Zach's books are now available on Kindle by popular demand


Zach's and daddy's books debut in Australia, the U. K., New Zealand,

India, Japan, and other countries worldwide


Zach releases book featuring multi-platinum recording artist, SEVENDUST

and documenting his very first rock concert


Interesting New Titles from daddy

We spend so much time in the subway

that it inspired dad to write a new children's book



"The Adventures of Sparky the Subway Car"

Sparky is a subway car who lives in New York City.  This exciting

new children's book takes the reader on a journey into

a day in Sparky's important and exciting job!

click here for more info




Dad's new book pays tribute to an American icon

soon to become only a memory - Coney Island

click here for more info



Zachary and co-author, Leia Kaba

did a book together featuring San Francisco's Streetcar's

The book

The Streetcars of San Francisco

continues to be one of our top selling titles

click here for more info



Zachary caught up with his buddy LaJon recently in Atlantic City, N. J.

and spent some time with him before having his own couch in

The House of Blues VIP section to see their show once again.

Zach released a book last year with LaJon and the Sevendust guys


"My First Rock Concert"




Nearly three years from the release of Zachary's debut book

which chronicled his experience as the water boy for Harvard,

Zach got to see his coach buddies from Harvard

and get VIP treatment at two Harvard football games.


Zach and daddy get a chance to talk with Cheech & Chong about daddy's new book he's in L. A. promoting,

while crews set up before a crowd of more than 20,000 is let into the Staple's Center in Los Angeles. 

Zach has been popular with Tommy and his wife since they first met Zach two years ago when

daddy opened up for the comedians tour.



"You know you have a kid who understands and appreciates art when he steals

your Andy Warhol Screen Tests DVD and watches it over & over again".

                                                                                                       - Michael Malott, Morning Show with Sean & Steve



Zach recently enjoyed the opportunity to meet and spend time with British actor,

Peter Mayhew and his wife during dinner at both Peter & Zach's favorite restaurant, The Mona Lisa.

Peter is best known for playing "Chewbacca" in the Star Wars films.





Zach appears in two episodes

Some episodes now available online on HULU




Zach recently toured several nursing homes

in the San Francisco Bay Area to bring smiles

to many elderly folks and give away copies of

his new books.


 Zach studies the crowd at his book signing in L. A.


Great article on Zach in Harvard Crimson Magazine

The Daily Printonian

Zach featured on radio news click here to listen


The Instruments for the Youth Children's Charity

founded by Michael Malott in 2004 and supported

by over 100 major celebrities.

email Zachary

and his dad

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